Joint Replacement
Joint Replacement

Patient's Feedback

I have visited best Orthopaedic surgeon in Nashik Dr Shrenik dharaskar in his clinic , in Saharanpur Road Kulkarni Garden for my shoulder problem due to gym injury. Let me tell you he is one of the best shoulder surgeon I have met ..
he attended me properly and solved my all queries with proper reasoning and answers...
and advise treatment which help me to recover from my injury..
he has also operated my my sports teacher for his ligaments and got this reference from my teacher saying he is the best arthroscopy and joint replacement surgeons dealing with sports injury and gym injury in and around Nashik ...
environment in the clinic was pleasant and met with couple of patients who got operated under care of Dr Shrenik dharaskar....
I came to know that he is the only shoulder surgeon in West Maharashtra zone..

–Romoit Malwatkar, Nashik

Great experience ! Super friendly staff and Dr. Shrenik Dharaskar was delightful. We highly recommend Center for shoulder and knee care orthopedic

–Digambar Awari, Nashik

Dr. Shrenik Dharaskar changed my life. They are so friendly, professional and down right fun.

– Mr. Tadvi, Nashik

I really like Center for shoulder and knee care orthopedic because everyone there is nice and I like the work they do.

– Mr. Sharad Sonawane, Nashik
Shoulder and Knee Care